Commentary and Metalogue

About this Website:

This website has two main points of interest, a)  classic anthropological texts which I comment on and which I hope you will comment on as well. Primarily these are drawn from the Anthropology of Education, but my interests roam quite a bit and b) a blog which may or may not be interesting to anyone other than myself.

About Me:

My name is Michael Scroggins and I am a PhD student in Anthropology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia. Currently I am conducting research for a project tentatively titled:

Education into Technological Frontiers: Hackerspaces as Educational Institutions

My main focus is on the emerging phenomena Citizen Science and DIYBio. As part of this research I have done a few things which may be of a general interest to citizen science types:

a) compiled this bibliography of literature on bioluminescent phenomena : Bioluminescence

b) helped to start this hackerspace in downtown Oakland: Sudo Room

In a more anthropological vein:

a) I started this group on Mendeley: Social Network Theory: An Anthropological View which grew from a project in a seminar of 6 people into a public group of 300+ people.

b) I worked on this project: The Library Study at Fresno State which was the 2nd study conducted in the emerging Anthrolib field. It also serves as a document of the last major building to be built on a CSU campus for the foreseeable future.


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